Fotrousi Electronic Research Center

  Fotrousi Electronic and Research Center is engaged in comprehensive research activities including design and development of electronic power equipment and related technologies. With more than 38 years of expertise in the field of electronic power, the center also provides research and design activities for a wide range of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) ranging from 600 VA to 2240 KVA.


    The designs provided by the Center is used in at least 40 different UPS models and offered by more than 25 international companies' world wide.

    The Research activities and designs offered are comparable to reputable international companies in similar field and in many cases outperform them.

    In order to leverage the knowledge gained by the pioneers and researchers of our organization and to enable a more focused effort, the company has moved into a newly built research facility in Pardis Research Park. This state of the art research facility brings our researchers and designers into one central location providing more efficient use of their collective experience. In this capacity, the Company will continue to provide designs and technologies as well as conduct research activities in the field of new energy sources.




   Our Services:

* Design and manufacturing all various UPS

* Designing hi speed active harmonic filters




Fotrousi Research Center Activities
- Continuous research focusing on UPS and other electronic power equipment and related technologies.
- Continuous research on new energy sources.
- Engineering Prototype to evaluate and complete the design phase.







   menu_li "Fotrousi Research Center" had an active participation in "Iran Hi-Tech Expo" which was hold in Damascus-Syria, 7-10 Feb 2011.

   menu_li The 2010 ISPIM Conference-The Dynamics of Innovation - will be held in Bilbao, Spain on 6-9 June 2010      

   menu_li The second conference of Power Electronics Technologies and Systems (IEEE) will be held on February 2011,Tehran, Iran.


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